• Mission

    To solve our clients’ business problems and provide superior technology solutions via open source enterprise offerings, big data echo system engineering, data analytics and machine learning, cyber-security, cloud computing, software development, technical management and process improvement. Read More
  • History

    IntelBol Inc. was founded in 2008 by Joe Aliaga, a former research contributor at DARPA. Mr. Aliaga participated on research projects with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The projects leveraged cloud technologies to ingest, model, and process very large DOD and cybersecurity data sources. Read More
  • Leadership

    Mr. Aliaga’s credentials include design, development and implementation of large DOD Enterprise Systems, Big Data and IoT initiatives for DOD agencies and IC customers including the FBI, NCIS, DHS, DARPA, FinCEN and others. Read More
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Custom IoT ApplicationsReal Time Analytics

IntelBol IoT consultants design your implementation strategy and application roadmap to build secure IoT solutions. We leverage our IoT expertise to connect assets from a variety of IoT devices, including sensors, appliances, personal devices, vehicles, house monitors, industrial equipment and more. establish real-time communication with cloud and drive analytics for intelligent decision-making.

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The increasing availability of IoT data streams coupled with the ability to ingest, process and analyze data in real-time allows us to equip business operations with new real-time data analytics capabilities, real-time alerting, continuous monitoring of data for security, auditing and regulatory compliance processes.

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Our Big Data team has experience working with computer networks, websites and sensor grids that generate massive amounts of data capturing the details using Big Data applications. This data provides a wealth of operational information and critical insights that helps enterprise systems optimize network and website operations. We have built a number of high traffic data systems from hundreds of server and application data sources, leveraging the best-of-breed Big Data processing frameworks, including Hadoop, Storm, Kafka and more.

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Our consultants participated in Research Analytics at DARPA. Building streaming analytics applications that let users run predictive models against IoT and cyber data in real or near real time. That included analysis of trends and patterns in the data, as well as monitoring of conditions to trigger real-time notifications to business analysts when predefined events transpire or problems with machinery were identified.

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About SpectralRocketTheme Template

A template design inspired by recent visual trends, blending subtle backgrounds and overlays, with text set by custom fonts, to create an alluring experience for your visitors, whilst maintaining an professional and functional look.

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  • HTML5 Charts

    Display graphs with Chart.js and HTML5 canvas. This feature only works on modern browsers and IE9+.It's based on Chart.js. Chart.js is an easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers. Read More
  • Coming Soon

    Spectral supports a simple and uniquely styled coming soon and offline style page with a time counter. You can customize this page by editing the comingsoon.php file inside the template folder. Read More
  • Gantry Framework

    Gantry is the core framework that provides support for the Spectral template's features and capabilities.It sets positions into rows of 6, which can be configured individually in terms of width distribution. Read More
  • Dropdown Menu

    A CSS based navigation system with numerous advanced and individually configurable features.Such features include inline icons, subtext, modules, positions and column width/count options. Read More
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Gantry Extras

  • Grid System +

    Gantry splits the template module layout into rows of up to 6 grid blocks. Read More
  • Custom Interface +

    Gantry based templates are controlled via an advanced user interface. Read More
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